Jimmy Hollins headshot

Jimmy Hollins

Jefferson Elementary School, Burley High School

It’s a shame and I think that they did it wrong.  It was done completely wrong, I think.  They closed all of the Black schools and forced those kids into the white schools.  I think they did it wrong.  They should have sent some kids to the Black schools, and some kids to the white schools.  But they did it completely wrong.

Phyllis Leffler: And you feel like they did it wrong on the state level?  

Jimmy Hollins: Yeah.  And I think something happened to the kids, that these kids will never, ever recover from.  

Phyllis Leffler: The kids whose schools were closed?

Jimmy Hollins: Well, I think these kids may be getting a good education but there’s a lot that they missed out on.

Phyllis Leffler: Tell me what you feel they’re missing out on.

Jimmy Hollins: I think they are missing out on a lot of the history of what was in these Black high schools that they will never ever get back, never learn.