Darlene Quarles headshot

Darlene Quarles Robinson

Rose Hill Elementary School, Stone Robinson Elementary, Jack Jouett Junior High School, Albemarle High School

I don’t know how to put it.  It was different because — I don’t know, I just felt that — I was only a handful of Black students in that class.  Every class I’ve gone to, I’ve been a handful.  I’m like one of two students in a class.  You know what struck me about being in the seventh grade? I’ll just throw that out there.  One of my white classmates had the same birthday that I had, and I just felt that was so unusual.  I didn’t know white people had the same birthdays as Black people.  Just something that stuck in my mind.  I remember coming home and saying so and so’s birthday is December the 21st, just like mine.  So, that was one thing that struck me.